All You Need To Know About Rent A Car In Dubai

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All You Need To Know About Rent A Car In Dubai 250x166
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Dubai. One of the most exciting cities in the world! Wide streets, high buildings and light everywhere. It’s a special feeling driving a car through this city!

Although, renting a car in this city is not that easy, and not cheap at all. But, after all, most tourists and even city residents rent a car because it is more comfortable and reliable than the public transportation systems.

So, how to get the best possible car rental deal? While most of the companies are very expensive, there are several cheaper options like Rent a car Dubai and Car Rental Dubai.

So, let’s dive into the article and see how to rent a car and save some money while doing so!

What do you need to know about renting a car in Dubai?

  1. Insurance charge

car insurance rent a car


Every car rental company in Dubai collects some charges to cover the insurance policy that has been offered by the car rental company. These insurance packages come at an extra cost that will affect the total charge. The best way to avoid or lower the total insurance costs is by using a personal insurance for your rented car.

  1. Fuel charge

Fuel charge is another expense that you must pay attention to when you want to rent a car in Dubai. Car rental companies add fuel charges to their charge list. But in most cases, things work like this – you get a car with the full tank and you bring the car back with the full tank as well.If possible, avoid car rental companies that have strict fuel price policies and instead, rent a car from companies that will provide favourable fuel deals.

  1. Toll charge

This is another charge that will be required from you when you want to pay for a car rental service. Government uses an electronic system to collect certain charges from car owners. Also, if you pass a toll without paying, the company will charge you and fine you for this. The best way to avoid a toll is to use a GPS system.

gps rental

  1. Damage charges

When you return the car, the very first thing the car rental company will check will be whether you have damaged it or not. In such cases, when a damage occurs, you will be charged some money. So ride safely and avoid unnecessary expenses!

  1. Extra day charge

Most of the car rental companies in Dubai will charge a serious fee if you keep their car for an additional day at the expiry of your deal. When you rent a car, try as much as you can to return the car on time to avoid these additional charges.

  1. Upgrade charges

These cars are more expensive and cost a lot of money due to the additional insurance charge that you will be asked to pay. The more accessories in or on the car, the higher fee will be! So when you want to go and rent a car from a car rental company, choose a car that satisfies your desire and avoid taking the upgraded cars that are offered and in general, very popular in Dubai. This is the new city of lights and expensive cars!

  1. Car accessories charges

A lot of companies rent accessories as well. And eventually, you will have to pay for either that is GPS or a children’s seat.  Therefore, when you want to rent a car, always ensure you check the price list of the car accessories company before you rent a car with it, so you can avoid excessive costs.

  1. How to book a car and when do we pay the rent?

renting car

Generally, you can pay for a car rental at any time, before or after you take it. Lately, car rental reservations become very popular. Companies like even rent cars at discounted rates when you do booking online. Also, another good way of saving money while renting a car in Dubai is usage of social media and official rent a car sites! You can get nice discounts online, so do the research and find the best deal for yourself!

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Enjoy your ride through the city of Dubai!

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All You Need To Know About Rent A Car In Dubai 250x166
car insurance rent a car 250x166
gps rental 250x166
renting car 250x166

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