Ford Recreational Vehicles

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ford rv 1 250x166
ford rv 250x166
Ford Nugget 250x166
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ford transit custom nugget interior 250x166

Travelling with an RV is first and foremost a pleasure and comfort for the whole family. The range of models on the market is very large. However, Ford has introduced two excellent models in the race that will surely do well in the growing market for recreational vehicles.

ford rv

RVs And Selfie Trend

Camping life is increasingly popular, and nothing in the world will launch you among “the stars” as a selfie on Instagram where you enjoy nature with a cool box on wheels. The coolest campers are the old Volkswagens – and it’s no secret. However, Ford also has something to add to the world of colourful filtered photos for a new era.

RVs Are Created For Enjoyment

Campsites are usually somewhere by the sea, lakes or rivers, so you’ll always have a great view of the beach, sitting in the shade of trees or awning that is on your RV or a camper. Drinks, food, a good book, a view, a beautiful environment – and you’re always on your own. In front of your RV, on the most beautiful ‘terrace’ possible.

RV As Part Of A LifeStyle

Those who decide to give money to buy RVs are not “doomed” to use them once or twice a year when going on a vacation. They can travel to the nearby picnic area every weekend, make a barbecue and drink beer or wine without fear of the police, as they will have a place to sleep. Also, the RV makes visits easier, since you can spend the evening with your guests, and after that, you do not have to sleep in the host’s house. You already have complete privacy in your four-wheeled cottage. For some people, this has even become a lifestyle, and how to live four-wheeled and enjoy it by learning more at

Are You Thinking About Your Own RV?

Did we persuade you to consider buying or at least renting an RV? If you’ve been thinking about this, here’s a good deal from Ford.

Transit Custom Nugget

Ford Nugget

Cool RV and cool name. It is amazing how well-name they have come up with for something that must be close to your heart and ready to protect you in all weather conditions, providing the comfort of home. Bravo for the Ford Nugget. Sounds great! Of course, the Ford development team was not alone. In fact, Ford has partnered with Westphalia, which is the “grandma” of all the best campers in the base dimensions. One thing is the so-called. “motorhome,” and the handsome little RV that can go everywhere is something else. These vehicles are always made based on a van. Volkswagen was a doctor in this, and these newer models show that Ford will also leave a mark on many camping lives.

Nugget Or Nugget Plus?

nugget plus

There are Nugget and Nugget Plus models. Of course, the plus version is a bit higher than usual, so the Nugget Plus comes with a solid high roof, and the classic Nugget with a pop-top variant that rises into the tent. The Plus model is longer and even brings a toilet. Both models can provide a temporary home for four people since two beds are downstairs and two are upstairs. The interior will certainly inspire anyone who likes small perfectly organized living spaces, and it is the work (as we mentioned) – of one of the most experienced car companies. Two cooking burners, chrome sink, refrigerator, lots of shelves and cabinets. Two large tanks for the outdoor shower, on the floor in the cabin, is an imitation wood that is easy to clean and the heating is solved so you can sleep in the winter indoors.

Camping Rules Are Different With Ford Models

It is important that you also have some rules when camping that make it more beautiful. First, there is no use of the phone – except for shared photos and this may be the only exception. Secondly, you get the strongest engine right away because it’s easier to use the shorter rest times. So, the two-litre diesel EcoBlue is better taken in the 170hp version than the 130hp. You might not need an automatic gearbox if you want to “do” something while you’re on vacation. Of course, you can get an automatic as well as a manual gearbox. Both gearboxes have six speeds.

And What About The Market?


Did you know that over 100,000 new RVs are sold in the EU annually? Now you know. Ford has been counting on its growing popularity and growing waiting time with competitors. Besides, Ford uses an experienced Westfalia company that knows how to do the business. So, nothing can go wrong here. This is a tip-top mobile home from Ford, and there’s no doubt about it.

However, here is another luxury Ford model you should know about…

Earth Roamer – An Expensive Toy

Long journeys over the beaten paths can be exciting. A beginner can use an older SUV, those slightly more advanced all-wheel-drive vans – and those with deeper pockets can rack up over a million dollars for an almost unstoppable vehicle. The new Earthroamer XV-HD is a moving fortress and the big brother of the Ford F550 XV-LTS.

What Can You Expect?

A great fear for other campers – the diesel V8 engine is 6.7 litres, delivers 440 hp and has 1400 lb-ft of torque so you can comfortably be the last rider of an apocalypse if a tsunami occurs. Designed for dumpers and work machines, the Michelin XZL fits perfectly into one of the heaviest campers in the world.


The winch serves for heavy situations if you get stuck somewhere, and a 1000 litre water tank should be sufficient for at least two weeks of enjoying somewhere far out in nature with no other energy. The diesel tank has a capacity of 430 litres, so you’ll be charging almost as long as an electric car. All this to give you full home luxury in a finely appointed cabin.


ford transit custom nugget interior

Wood, stainless steel and leather dominate the interior and raise the matter to a luxury level. The kitchen, bathroom with shower, washing machine and dryer and surround for listening to music and watching movies – are there for your maximum enjoyment. If you happen to be interested in this model, the order deposit is $ 380,000. Well, that’s nothing.

Bonus Tips

Campers should avoid entering the cities and head straight to a campsite. Whether it’s for security and peace, or due to parking issues. These RVs are generally about 3 meters high, even 3.2 meters high (or more), and 5 to 7.5 meters long. Therefore, drivers who have no experience with larger vehicles may have problems in cramped spaces. So, do not go through any narrow passages and be careful where the back of the RV is. Campers and RVs generally have long rear overhangs (part of the camper behind the rear wheel) and, for sudden turns – the rear end pops out in the opposite direction, leaving inexperienced drivers damaging a vehicle next to their own or their RV as well. There are also special navigation devices specifically designed for campers and RVs. It is enough to enter the dimensions of your camper – and navigation will certainly not get you on some troubled roads.

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ford rv 1 250x166
ford rv 250x166
Ford Nugget 250x166
nugget plus 250x166
westfalia 250x166
ford transit custom nugget interior 250x166

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