What Are The Shipping Costs To Hawaii?

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Are you planning to transport your car to Hawaii? Wondering what would be the expense to transport a vehicle to Hawaii? Do not worry because in this post we will answer all the questions buzzing in your mind.

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Whenever transporting a vehicle to Hawaii you must know that in addition to the water transport you will also need to arrange for ground transportation as well. The price of transporting a vehicle is calculated in a different manner. However, transporting a vehicle to Hawaii is less complicated than you are thinking. If you are looking for a shipping company, check this out. Make sure to read the article till the end to know every detail.

Numerous elements are considered when the price of transporting a vehicle is to be calculated. It includes:

  • Model of the Vehicle
  • Vehicle’s Make.
  • Size and weight of the car.
  • The distance required to be covered to and from the port by the car.
  • Type of shipping service you select.

Since the factors involved in calculating the shipping cost varies, it is often tough to estimate the actual price. The cost primarily charged will depend on the kind of car you want to send over to Hawaii and it also includes the shipping distance.

What Constitutes The Price Of Delivering A Vehicle To Hawaii?

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As already stated earlier, various factors determine the price of transporting the vehicle to Hawaii. There is no one-size-fits-all and hence, there is no definite answer to the question of delivery charges. However, the price charged can be broken into different segments so that it becomes easy for a person to calculate the final charges.

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The major aspect that will impact the price of delivering a vehicle is the distance that needs to be covered. If you want to ship your vehicle from far away it will price you more. Moreover, if you want a carrier to take your vehicle from some point it will add up to the charges. However, if you are driving your vehicle to the port it will price you less.

Another thing that affects the price is the weight of the car. Smaller sized cars such as standard sedan will cost you less as compared to large-sized cars like vans or SUVs. For instance, it costs more to ship a Honda Pilot because it is a bigger vehicle and takes more space.

Choose Reliable Transport Companies

Once you have shortlisted a few reliable companies, you can call them or check their online form that is available on their website. Here are some things that you should always keep in your mind:

  • If the distance of the trip is less, it will cost you less. If the distance is more, it will cost you more.
  • In case you want your vehicle to reach as soon as possible, you will have to pay extra charges for that.
  • If the auto transport company asks you to give some kind of quote or does not look genuine or reliable, make sure to strike that company off your list.
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Another thing to note here is that small scale companies will most probably increase their cost if you want to do international shipping. This happens because they do not generally ship over such long routes. Therefore it is better to go for bigger companies.

You might think that lower cost will be a better deal for you but get ready to get some surprises in the form of additional charges and/or low-quality service. Don’t try to settle for cheap companies. The listed price just acts as a bait to get more money. If any company is offering the services way too less than the average prices, the chances are high that there will be hidden charges in the form of the service fee or insurance fee. Dump such fishy companies right away!

Lastly, the type of sea transport that you choose also impacts the shipping price. RORO or Roll-on/Roll-off shipping will price you less as compared to other options. RORO shipping is also the fastest transport. However, if you want to ship a luxury vehicle then you should send it in a cargo container for extra protection. However, to do that you will need to pay more charges.

How Much Time Will It Take To Transport A Vehicle To Hawaii?

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There is no straightforward answer to this question. However, it takes longer to transport the vehicle by sea. There are again various factors that are considered such as distance. However, on average it takes about seven to fifteen days to ship a car. For instance, if you want to transport your vehicle from Texas then it will take somewhere around a month’s time. However, if you want to transport your vehicle from L.A., the shipping time is much less comparatively.

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The time will also depend on the type of shipping option that you will go for. Shipping from port to port will take less time as compared to the door to door shipping. Besides, the transport company that you will select also makes a huge difference. Some of the companies take less time than others because of the availability.

Some tips to follow while transporting a vehicle to Hawaii

  • Here are some tips that you should follow while shipping your vehicle to Hawaii:
  • Select a good transportation company especially if you want to ship an expensive car
  • Ensure that you have all the important documents with you
  • See if you can get shipping discounts
  • Do not ship if the cost is more than the price of the car. In such a case selling the vehicle and then purchasing a new vehicle in Hawaii will be a better option


Finally, it is important to select a good and reputed shipping company. Don’t just go with the first company that google recommends you rather research a bit from your end and then make the final decision. Choosing the right shipping company will safely ship your vehicle faster than others. Besides you can even get some additional discounts from a reputed company.

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