Why does a deep cycle battery die so fast? – 7 Reasons

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You may be experiencing deep cycle battery dying so fast after recharging them. If this is your case, then the question to ask is, “why is it dying so fast?” Let us read this script to pinpoint the possible caused by battery failure for better battery maintenance in the future.

The reasons causing the battery to die it could vary from one battery to another but almost all battery killers can be remedied. Let us now look at them briefly below.

  1. Leaving headlights or dome light on.

When you leave your headlights or dome lights on for longer periods, it will drain all charge from your deep cycle battery leaving completely discharged. This can be prevented by making sure you have checked and switch them off when you are parking your vehicle. To get more pieces of information about it, you should consider a view at https://rvside.com/best-rv-deep-cycle-battery-reviews/

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  1. Undercharging and when not charged for a long period.
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According to the type of your battery, you need to charge it completely. Most of the batteries will take between 2 and 8 hours to be fully charged. Check the type of your battery to ensure it has completed its cycles.

Keeping your battery uncharged for too long especially lead acid battery results to formation of small sulfuric acid crystals on the metallic plates inside. These crystals vanish charging is done.

Nevertheless, batteries that have stayed for a long time at a charge below 12 volts form large crystals that are not breakable causing the battery to die fast. To remedy, frequently fully charge your battery. Always ensure it is not below 50% discharged.

  1. Extreme Hot and Cold Temperatures

Normally, batteries in good condition are rarely affected by the temperature change. Nevertheless, temperature above 100 or below 10 degrees Fahrenheit cause buildup of lead sulfate crystals when the battery is left in such temperatures for long. Sulfate formed shortens the battery life and upsurge the charge time.

  1. Charging system problems.
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In order to recharge your car battery, the alternator has to offer it with electric energy. The faults May rise in the system causing your battery to die very soon. Check for unattached or overextended belts and damaged tensioners that are capable of preventing an alternator from performing properly.

  1. Corroded or loose battery connections.
Clean Battery Connections


When the battery connections are corroded, they prevent the charge to flow in when charging or driving. Loose connections also cut circuit between the battery and charging system the battery killing.

  1. Too Many Short Drives.

If you are starting and after a while, you stop driving, it causes the battery to die faster. The reason behind this is that the battery is not getting enough for the alternator to charge it.

For those using their batteries on other uses, they should use the battery until it is fully discharged and then recharge it.

  1. Lack of proper battery maintenance.
Battery maintenance


Lack of proper battery maintenance results to battery weakening or even killing. If your battery dying it won’t perform the small functions like playing music on your radio. To prevent and avoid battery dying faster, ensure you follow the maintenance recommended for your battery’s type.

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From the above reasons to why RV batteries can die so fast, you have the instant remedy following them to avoid repeating same mistakes in the future. Ensure proper deep cycle battery maintenance for it to serve you for a long time.


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Why does a deep cycle battery die so fast 250x166
deep cycle batteries 250x166
Clean Battery Connections 250x166
Battery maintenance 250x166

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