2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept

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The second generation of the C-Max has been around since 2010 even though the US model has been around only since the end of 2012. A new version has been expected for some time now and it seems that Ford wants to create a rather big impression with the future version which might debut with the 2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept which is a rather interesting hybrid model that might become a production model in the near future considering that all the technology available on the car is already there and it shouldn’t be all that hard to make it.

2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Review

So far the details are scarce about the new model but our inside info suggests us that the new model will be based on Ford’s upcoming modular platform which will be derived from the CD4 meaning that it might get bigger while keeping the weight on the same level with the current model of the car. The upcoming C-Max will share its platform with the future Focus and both of them are going to look similar especially since the C-Max can be looked at as the minivan version of the Focus.

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Ford C-Max Solar

2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Price

The price of the Solar Energi is currently unknown but if it will reach production expect the car to cost around $35,000 which is a fair price for a hybrid.

2017 Ford C-Mac Solar Energy

2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Specs

The largest selling point for the 2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energi is definitely going to be the total range and the overall fuel consumption of the car. Instead of going full electric like some of their competitors, the C-Max will also employ a petrol engine to be used as a generator or as a normal powertrain. This is likely going to be Ford’s new 1.5 liters EcoBoost inline 4 but with a few modifications that could allow it to run on an Atkinson cycle.
This should mean that the petrol engine will offer around 120 horsepower and 130 lb-ft of torque which is less than the current 2-liter unit but thanks to the smaller displacement and its turbocharger the new engine should be up to 20% more efficient. The breakthrough comes in the form of its solar panels mounted on the roof which are automatic and can track the sun without help.

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If the production model will get them, the panels will provide energy for the air conditioning and for the accessories inside the cabin and they will also help charge the 9 to 12 kWh battery pack which should be enough for up to 15 to 20 miles. This is rather poor but with the help of the highly efficient petrol engine, the upcoming C-Max should be good for a sustained 40 MPG on average which would be more than 8 MPG on average better than before.

2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Design

Ford C-Max Solar Energy 2017

So far we only know how the 2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept looks but the production model is going to be quite a bit more different because this concept is just a mule to showcase the technology that will be installed on the new model. Rumors suggest that the production version is going to be slightly larger, wider and a bit shorter in height which should mean a roomier car without having to look too big. Cabin wise, the production version of the C-Max is likely going to borrow a lot of elements from the upcoming Focus which hasn’t been released just yet.

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We expect the two to share the same dashboard, a similar seating layout for the first two rows of seats with the difference that the C-Max is definitely going to offer a lot more headroom than its Focus counterpart and also more luggage space with the rear seats removed.

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