8 Signs That Show Your Car Might Need Replacement

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Are you debating whether or not it’s time to let your faithful car go? A tough choice, we get it.

We all tend to get pretty emotional about the thought of replacing our old car. It may have been a present from your dad, the car you learned how to drive on, or the car that you have traveled the world with. We get it, you are very attached to all the memories you have with that vehicle. Yet, there comes a time when you just have to let your old cargo and consider replacing it with a new one.

Here are 8 signs that show that your old car needs to be replaced with a new one:

old car


1. Weird sounds

Obviously, right? Weird noises are simply not a good sign. In fact, they are usually a major sign that your old car is rapidly going to the end of the “road”. Yet, if you choose to ignore that sound because it seems like the vehicle is still running smoothly, you are part of those owners that just refuse to let their old faithful cars go.

However, all jokes aside, a weird noise coming from your car needs to be taken very seriously because it can be a sign of major damage that puts you and other traffic participants at risk.

2. Leaks

Leaks are not the end but they are, however, the beginning of it. Simply put, new cars don’t leak. Middle-aged cars might leak a little. Yet, if you often see a rainbow of liquid colors on your garage floor, know that your car is old and leaks a lot.

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Oil leaking is often caused by damaged oil gaskets or pans, incorrect installations, and bad rings or valve seals. And, unfortunately, simply changing the oil is not a solution for the leak. You must identify the cause of the oil leak and pay for the reparation costs for the possible causes that are, most likely, going to be extremely high.

3. Smoke

Similar to leaks, smoke is a problem that can be fixed but it does represent the beginning of a serious underlying problem. Now, luckily, the color of the smoke will tell you whether or not you need to consider replacing your old car.

Black smoke shouldn’t be a reason to worry about because it usually indicates dirt in the filtration system. Gray smoke represents the fact that your vehicle is burning oil. White smoke, on the other hand, should make you think about a new car because it most likely indicates a serious engine problem.

4. Your friends always suggest taking their car

If you often hear your friends saying “oh, no, no problem, we can take my car”, sorry to break your heart, but they just don’t want to get in the car with you. If you know for sure that you are not a terrible driver, then it must be your old car. Maybe your friends simply don’t feel safe to get in a car that is almost falling apart.

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Yet, looking at the bright side, you have great friends that don’t want to break your heart by telling you that your old car needs replacement.

5. Pieces falling off

It does sound pretty obvious that if your car starts losing pieces it is time for you to let it go and buy a new one. However, don’t expect that your car will start losing pieces such as the very obvious parts of it like the doors or the mirrors. Usually, it will start with the non-essential parts that are made from plastic which, sooner or later, degrades.

Your car may be losing pieces like knobs, buttons or any other similar interior feature. Once you notice this, consider that you will soon have to think about purchasing a new car.

6. A high repair cost

repairing your old car


We all think about the best ways to avoid spending a lot of money. And, you would think that repairing your old car is a good way to not spend a lot of money on a new car, don’t you? Well, this isn’t necessarily true if your car needs a lot of repairs. If the costs of the repairs equal or even exceed the costs of a new car, you shouldn’t even hesitate to start looking for a new faithful 4-wheeled friend.

Not only that your old car may break again sooner than you think, but Ford dealers at  DaveSinclairFord.com consider it will also be a waste of money and time.

7. Your mechanic tells you so

You may be thinking “What does he know?! This car still works perfectly” right? Well, your mechanic for sure knows better than you do if your car needs to be replaced with a new one. Although it may seem like your car is in perfect shape and that there is no risk to ride it for a long time from now on, there might be a serious underlying problem that only an expert can detect.

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Your mechanic has no gain in lying to you that your car is getting closer to its end. So, you should listen to their advice and accept the fact that you need to invest in a newer and safer car.

8. The dashboard lights are always on

The dashboard lights are always on 1


Those lights are designed to signal you that your car has a problem, not to be considered “neon accents”. Moreover, even if you don’t spot the problem immediately, if they keep staying on, there is for sure a serious problem that will soon arise. Plus, if every bump in the road causes a new light to turn on, like it or not, you need to park your car safely and start looking for a new one. 

We all wish that our cars would last forever. Yet, over time, vehicles get damaged and you need to face the truth: they need replacement. So, no matter how attached you are to your 4-wheeled friend, take the signs above seriously and admit that you need a new car.

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Signs That Show Your Car Might Need Replacement 250x166
old car 250x166
repairing your old car 250x166
The dashboard lights are always on 1 250x166

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