The Tips for Buying Good Quality Car Parts

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Car owners who frequently call dealers are speechless when they are told the cost of their car parts. An example of this is the steering wheel, which can cost just 5 euros for the manufacturer and can have the final price of more than 5000%. Some pieces are simply in the clouds because many consumers do not know better alternatives. They only take the trouble to look a little around the official stores of the brand.

Are there different types of car parts?

Are there different types of car parts

The answer is yes. Because there are many types of alternatives to be able to opt for a specific replacement and the market is full of manufacturers competing with each other, the different types are explained below:

  • Genuine parts that are used as car parts

They are the original components installed in your vehicle when it was new. They are the most expensive parts of all, giving the impression to people that they are superior. One thing to keep in mind is that although they are part of your vehicle when it left the factory and have your car brand, they are made by another company.

  • Original parts that work as car parts

They are pieces that have been manufactured in the same line as the genuine ones and that have the manufacturer’s seal on them.

  • Aftermarket parts to use as spare parts for cars


They are as effective and good as genuine ones. These parts are manufactured by other companies instead of the original manufacturer. Companies that manufacture Aftermarket parts purchase the rights to produce the parts for other brands.

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They may look different from the originals, but they have passed the same filters so they can be used correctly.

  • Rebuilt parts that work as car parts

They have used parts that have been completely disassembled and supplied with new components. Also, it has been tested to ensure that it works as if it were new.

  • Recycled parts for car parts

They differ from the reconstructed ones in that as they have been treated before using them. They are usually pieces that do not dismantle but are nevertheless cleaned and modified a bit. The modifications they usually have are new screws, nuts, or washers.


Do your search without hurry to find the car parts

There are always two web pages that you always have to visit before buying. The first is, one of the largest online parts pages of official sellers and private individuals. The second is the famous eBay, which focuses mainly on new and recycled spare parts (especially alternators).

Verify, verify, and keep checking !!

Call the dealer to confirm the specific part number of the car part you are looking for before completing any purchase. If you do not confirm the part number, you will not be assured that this is the part you are looking for.

Keep in mind that some parts are unique for parts such as the engine and transmission to combine in their operation. And the list of parts that can be damaged is very long, from switchboards, modules, sensors, or more basic parts such as alternators or starter parts.

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Always bargain, but with education ahead

It is a common practice that in many scrap yards they have a lower price than a distributor of your brand even if they are in the same geographical area, but you have to keep two issues in mind:

The first is that you can’t compare pears with apples; Do not expect that, for example, scrapping puts you at the same price an engine that has 20 thousand kilometers to another equal with 200 thousand kilometers.

Second, when you haggle, make sure you have done your homework at home by visiting eBay pages and be honest with the person who is serving you on the other side of the line. He has the same information that you have, and if you try to make fun of him/her, he will return the play when he can.

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Rare pieces are purchased in person

Some parts for hybrid vehicles, cars that are no longer manufactured, and that in their time were very limited or classic series are unique. Without going any further, if we are looking for a DC converter (direct current) of a Honda Civic 20 years ago, at the Official Honda Distributor, they can give us a price of around 1,500 euros. However, if you search on eBay that piece is not even in the catalog.

That is why if, for example, we approach a scrapyard in the area that has the car in their inventory, it is possible to find that particular piece for a little more than 100 euros. So, if you are looking for little known, rare, or special pieces, it is best to go in person.

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You still haven’t been able to find it? Do it old fashioned

If on the internet you have seen that in scrapping inventories or on its website you cannot find it, take your tool or go with someone who has and disassemble the parts you need yourself and take them to the counter. There are times when scrappers do not have time to computerize all types of car parts they have, as well as vehicles that have just been decommissioned.

It is the cheapest option you can find; since the workforce to disassemble the piece is yourself and your mechanical skills.

Search in specialized forums car parts of your model

There are many times that although the spare part, in particular, has been found and it is known which one is being sought, then to be able to install it, a series of processes must be done, or it is necessary to have third parts of working.

Conclusion: This is where enthusiasts of the car model you have come into play. There are forums on the internet dedicated to inquiries from car owners about the operation of their cars, comparisons between models, technical specifications, or questions about components and parts. One of the forums specialized in this type of query is the so-called car forum.


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