Transporting Your Ford by Special Trucks Guideline

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Transporting Your Ford by Special Trucks Guideline 250x166
car transportation services 250x166
Ford Auto Transport 250x166

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If you’ve purchased a new Ford model and now you want to deliver it to your city without any problems? Or maybe you do not want to part with your car during a long business trip? Or did you decide to move to another state and are now organizing a move, including considering how to organize car shipping so as not to damage it along the road? Of course, Ford cars will be able to cover any distance on their own, and even the path from Anchorage to New Orleans in such a car will be comfortable. But do you need such risks? Do you know that today you can entrust the car to a special car transport company, such as TMshipping, that is directly involved in care delivery?

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Contacting car transportation services is the most popular solution for car shipping across the country, or to take it for a long distance, representing the best choice in terms of reliability, cost of services and time spent. It is possible to transport not only cars but also buses, snowmobiles, scooters, motorbikes, and other vehicles.

car transportation services

Vehicle Requirements for Safe Moving

Each company sets its individual requirements when preparing a machine before transportation. When ordering a car transportation truck, you can familiarize yourself with the list of requirements of a particular company, but their general list is as follows:
• The vehicle must be clean so that it can be easily inspected for scratches and dents before transportation. It is also recommended providing the car for inspection in daylight hours and taking photos in advance.
• It is better to equip the car seats with protective materials.
• The tank of the machine should contain from 1,5 to 3 gallons of fuel; the batteries must be fully functional and charged. You also need to turn off all security systems.
• For vehicles equipped with an adjustable suspension, it must be put in the transportation position.
• Remove everything that is on the roof of the car – ski mounts, removable luggage racks, antennas. Folding the side windows is also highly recommended.
• It is not superfluous to put a jack, a spare wheel and a spare set of keys in the trunk of a car.

Ford Auto Transport

Easy, right? But the advantages of this method of car transporting are just a lot:
• No need to sit behind the wheel yourself.
• No risk of an accident during the journey.
• You can arrange transportation for a specified time – and it is guaranteed to get a car in the place you need.
• You can free up a lot of time for other equally important matters.
• You can provide economy – car shipping quotes are counting individually, but they are much cheaper than car rental while traveling or car purchasing.

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Even if you urgently need to leave, you can entrust your loved ones or friends with the control of loading the car into the company’s transport. Therefore, if you need your Ford elsewhere in the country, you can easily get it safe and sound.

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Transporting Your Ford by Special Trucks Guideline 250x166
car transportation services 250x166
Ford Auto Transport 250x166

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