Misconceptions you might have about Car Accidents

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Misconceptions you might have about Car Accidents 250x166
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It does not matter if you are involved in major car accidents, which means cars become totaled, or simple fender benders and you have no injury that is visible. In literally all situations, people have misconceptions. They appear because they do not know as much as they think about the law, especially injury law.

When you find yourself in a car accident, there are some things you have to do and some things you should never do. To help you make the best possible choices, car accident lawyers at StoneInjuryLawyers from Westwood MA highlight the following very common misconceptions about car accidents. Be aware of them and make the right choices.

There Is No Need To Contact The Police

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This misconception is very common when referring to minor car accidents. There is this belief that you do not have to contact the police since you can solve everything out with the other people involved. In reality, you want the police over because of the report that is going to be created. That report is great evidence you might need when you file a lawsuit as you are looking for compensation for injuries you suffered.

The Insurance Company Handles Everything

One of the worst things you could do after a car accident is to trust insurance companies. The simple fact that these firms take money from you every month will not mean that they automatically have your best interests at heart.

If an injury is involved or the car is damaged because of the actions of someone else, you will receive some sort of settlement offer. Whenever you receive one, it is not in your best interest. The goal is to present some sort of cash offer so that the insurance company ends up saving money as it does not pay you what the claim is worth. The settlement deal will surely not include things like lost wages, rehabilitation costs, or future medical bills.

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You Cannot Sue When No Injuries Are Instantly Visible

It is quite obvious you can sue for a personal injury when you break your arm or leg. But, for most people, this means they cannot when they suffer from things that are not initially visible. Unfortunately, this is a very bad thing since it might make you think that if your injuries become visible a number of days after the collision, you cannot receive financial compensation. This is incorrect.

Always go to a doctor as soon as you can following the car accident. You want to be checked out even if the accident was minor. You need records of absolutely everything.

You Don’t Need A Car Accident Attorney

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It is very rare that a car accident does not lead to car damage or personal injury. When injuries are present, you need the help of experienced attorneys. This is particularly careful when your injuries are serious. The car accident attorney can help you to build a strong claim that would obtain the right financial compensation deserved. And the lawyer can take care of everything for you as you stay focused on healing, which should always be your priority.

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Lawyers Are Expensive

This is a common myth, and it is not tied only to issues such as car accidents. Many people are of the belief that hiring attorneys costs too much, and that they can’t afford this luxury. When it comes to car accidents, it’s not only that it’s not a luxury, but a need. The best part is that in most cases you won’t even need to put any money forward as in these cases most lawyers work for a contingency fee. If you don’t know what this means, we have good news for you. The point is that there will be no advance fee involved. In some cases, the attorney refuses to accept any form of payment before the case is settled in your favor. What this means is that if you win, they win, and if you receive a payment they do too. If the case fails, most attorneys won’t request any fee. One thing you need to know is if your case has little chance for a win, no attorney will accept your case. But in any situation, it is vital to receive a professional opinion. Of course, there will be some legal fees involved that will have to be covered by you, but in most cases, the risk is worth it. The contingency fee is put in place to enable everyone to protect themselves during car accidents so that they end up on the losing side due to the inability to pay for a lawyer upfront.

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Millions Await You After Settlement

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Being in a car accident is never a good thing. But, in some instances, you can get the best out of it. If you are the damaged party, you can receive compensation for all the troubles you go through, both legal and medical, or any other for that matter. Depending on the severity of your injuries and the damages your car had, you can receive a hefty sum. But, you need to know one thing. It is rare to receive massive amounts of money in a car accident settlement. The only case this might happen is if someone wrecked your Bugatti. There are those who believe that they’ll receive millions of dollars in compensation for only sustaining minor injuries and small damage to their Camry. This is not going to happen. Not even if you are promised this by your attorney or a third party. You can go through all the cases regardless of the state you’re in, and look for the money the damaged party received. We can assure you that a simple car accident never received a seven-figure settlement.  It sure is nice to believe that a minor car accident could change a person’s life and make them a millionaire, but such instances aren’t even seen in the movies. This is why you have no right to believe that such a scenario awaits you. What you need to do is to get a lawyer and suit up for a legal battle that could benefit you if you choose the right representatives as the ones we suggested above.

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Misconceptions you might have about Car Accidents 250x166
car accident without police 250x166
Car Accident Attorney 250x166
Being in a car accident 250x166

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