Top Auto Blogs for Enthusiasts

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Are you affiliated with the car industry in one way or the other? Are you are a car dealer, mechanic, or providing other services in the auto industry?

If you are, then you will need to get regular information about your niche. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

To stay on top of your game, and get reliable information on everything about the industry (from the latest technology and products), we’ll give you a rundown of the top blogs to follow. While we’re all aware of how awesome a platform like is, there are a lot of online niches where they serve some good auto information as well. Following are quite resourceful. The following are the top auto blogs, in no particular order.

1. The Truth About Cars

This website has a blog, forums, and all the latest news in the car industry. The Truth About Cars also provides candid, and unbiased automobile reviews. Here, you’ll also find new and classic road tests, help, editorials, and product reviews. The Truth About Cars also has a podcast for your listening pleasure. As regards the site frequency, you’ll enjoy 42 posts per week.


This one is also great for automotive enthusiasts — Automoblog offers reliable news on new technologies and all the contemporary developments in the automotive industry. You’ll also enjoy blog covers vehicle reviews, buying guides, and advice for new vehicles and car parts. That’s not all. There is also a dedicated section on car insurance to help you find the best rate.

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3. Auto Blog

It rewards readers with current happenings in the industry. It also gives fresh and best vehicle options on the market. That’s not all; this site has vehicle reviews that will help you make the right choice. Here, you can buy tools for all your vehicle repairs, ay a pocket-friendly price. You also get podcasts, high-quality photography, and commentaries about automobiles and the auto industry. It has been running since 2009.

4. Motor Trend



Many people believe that Motor Trend is one of the best auto blogs. The platform covers more cars, trucks, and SUVs than any other. Motor Trend also rewards readers with a comprehensive automobile buying guide for consumers. Here, you can find first-drive reviews and car comparisons. All the latest auto shows across the nation, awards and many more are available on the blog.

5. Green Car Reports

If you’re a green-car enthusiast, this blog is for you. It is a hub for car enthusiasts who want to protect the environment by going green. You can find all the latest info on green cars and new technologies in the automotive industry right here. If you also want tips on how to save on gas mileage, this is the place to be. Green car reports also give information on electric cars, hybrid cars, as well as alternative fuel sources.

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6. Car Gurus Blog

Are you looking for up-to-date news on the latest tech and innovation of the automobile industry? If yes, CarGurus blog is the place to be. In addition to detailed written posts, you’ll find video analysis and reviews on new tech for all kinds of vehicles.

7. Egm Car Tech

Egm Car Tech has been a reliable source for automotive enthusiasts since 2007. The blog gives up-to-date news about the automotive industry. Its articles provide first-hand info on hot new vehicles on the market, car reviews, recalls, the latest in motorsports, and auto show information can be found here as well.

8. Car and Driver

Just like its name implies, car and drivers are for car owners. This blog features everything from the latest cars and product reviews. With Car and Driver blog, you also get instrument tests as you can also share your review, and comparisons. 

9. Automotive Spaces

Automotive Spaces is an excellent blog for those who want to discover the tips and tricks for maintaining your vehicle without breaking the bank. You’ll also find informative reviews that will help you get the best car parts to repair. New ways to upgrade vehicle interior is also another bonus that this blog offers.

10. All About Automotive Blog

All About Automotive Blog

Here, you get reliable answers to all those mind-boggling questions about your vehicle. From individual posts on how to change your car fluids to whether you should top off your gas tank;  all are available on this site. Lastly, you’ll enjoy tips on how to keep safe when driving in bad weather.

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11. Automotive Addicts

In 2004, this blog was founded to create a hub for the auto enthusiast.  This blog allows them to discuss everything cars and the industry as a whole. As the site grew over the years, it added reviews and test drive information for all vehicles. You’ll get announcements, and information that is relevant for those interested in trading, buying, or selling their cars.

12. Good Car Bad Car

Good Car Bad Car solely for those who want to find out relevant information on which cars are the best and the worst of the year; this helps them make informed choices before they purchase any vehicle. You’ll also find statistics on these vehicles based on the year, brands, and model of the car.

13. The Humble Mechanic

Just like the name implies, Humble Mechanic is a blog for car enthusiasts who want to get the latest details on how to fix various car issues. Iq your car is having recurring mechanical problems, this is the site for you. The Humble Mechanic also has podcasts, tool reviews, and maintenance tips.

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