4 Tips for Buying A Second-Hand Motorcycle or Scooter

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Having a two Wheeler is very important in today’s life as it helps you travel and commute to work easily, and it also helps in beating the traffic jam to quite an extent. If you have decided to buy a two-wheeler and you do not want to invest your money into a new motorcycle or scooter. Once you have your CBT or full license qualifications, the next work you need to do is to find a suitable motorcycle or scooter.

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There are so many brands and great deals that brands offer while you purchase a new bike, but investing that much amount sometimes can be a little burdensome. On the other hand, buying the same bike second-hand reduces the cost, especially when someone has already used it to quite an extent. Though buying a second-hand motorbike is good in financial terms, it also requires some checking before you go for it.

You can look into bike.net/en/Suzuki/21125-Street_Magic_II_2005 to find well-performing bikes on sale. They already check every necessary thing before putting the second-hand bikes on sale, which reduces your work.

Below given are four things you must look into before finalizing with a second-hand used motorcycle or scooter-

1. General Look and Appearance

Depending on the years of usage, you must not get shocked with a little wear and tear, but if there are any signs of damage in the machine, it’s better to look for another option. At first glance, the motorbike must look like it has been well looked after. A bike that looks quite depreciated has a high chance of the machine being damaged.

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A dry chain or excessively dirty and oily chain should be taken as a bad indicator. Before deciding on purchasing, you must also look into the condition of the tires, daily usage must have led the tire to wear and tear, but you must look if there are any crazing and cracks in the walls of the tires, you must take this as a bad sign and an indicator of old rubber. While investigating, it’s best to touch the engine first to see if the engine is warm or was already started before your arrival. If the engine of the bike was warm, you could take it as a sign that the seller was trying to hide the fact that the bike has problems starting from cold. You must question this and look if the answers are justifiable.

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The other must look into parts are suspension and brakes. Check on the brake pads if any material is left, and look into the brake discs for any score marks. Bounce the rear and front suspension for checking the bike’s operation. If it is too hard to compress or too easy to compress, then there is a requirement for further inspection. If around the seals you can see signs of oil, then you must again question the current owner. It is very costly to repair or service the suspension.

Look if the steering is moving freely without any binding, resistance, or grating, and also look if the horn, indicator, and lights are all working properly.

Once you have done your first round of inspection, that is the appearance test, and you see no major issues, you can move to the second point. Also, if you see anything, you must make a small note of it as it may help you in the future.

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2. Paperwork

If there are no documents of the motorcycle, it’s best to just walk away, regardless of any reason the seller gives you. The V5C document requires a lot of documents and information to check whether the bike you are buying is genuine.

When you receive the documents, check the engine number, frame number if everything matches as per the V5C. Also, make sure you double-check the name of the owner and the address of the owner and look at how many previous owners the bike had.

If the scooter or the motorbike is three or more years old, an MOT certificate is required. Use the MOT certificate for cross-checking the mileage.

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It would be better if you ask for the service documents, if any. If the documents provided raise any kind of suspicion, it is best to walk away.

3. Accessories

These can frequently be an additional reward when purchasing a used motorbike or scooter. Things like baggage, top boxes, or devices for security are largely positives. However, what else would it be a good idea for you to pay special thought to?

The most widely recognized change made to a stock vehicle is a substitution exhaust. These will, in general, be the end can instead of a full exhaust framework, and it is consistently worth getting some information about in the event that it is something besides stock. For what reason was it changed? (possibly a mishap or harm?) Do they actually have the first exhaust?

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Post-retail depletes are regularly fitted to save weight or make more commotion, and albeit this is more common on cruisers as opposed to bikes, in the event that it has been changed, it merits researching.

In the event that you are purchasing from a seller, it is illegal for them to sell a vehicle with a ‘not for street use’ exhaust fitted. Before you go see the thing available to be purchased, ensure you do some exploration on the stock detail. Any progressions to this could simply show an energetic proprietor who has been ‘improving’ the cruiser or bike. However, it could similarly demonstrate a dealer who is attempting to conceal harm or misuse!

4. Making the deal

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This can be either the great part or the most feared, relying upon your perspective. Wrangling is fundamental when purchasing a used second-hand motorbike or scooter through a dealer or privately. However, don’t do what needs to be done indiscriminately by guessing at a cost in obscurity. As we referenced before, keeping a note of any harm, mileage, or non-standard parts is valuable with regards to arranging the selling cost.


There are many options in the market when it comes to a second-hand motorcycle or scooter. With many options, it is easier for you to walk away if something seems not correct and keep your search on.

Take your time and inspect bikes properly and then make your decision. Don’t take it in a hurry.

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