Ford Aspire 2016

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Ford Aspire 2016 250x166
2016 Ford Aspire 250x166
Ford Aspire Interior 250x166

From Best-in-class safety features to premium interiors, the Ford Aspire has everything you care for. Classy and Powerful, the Aspire is designed to radiate success.

Ford Aspire Price

Designed mainly for Indian market starting price is on demand. It varies from town to town.

2016 Ford Aspire Release date

Ford launched the Figo Aspire compact sedan August last year. In essence, the Aspire is the logical successor to the now out-of-production Ford Classic. In June 2016, the Figo Aspire was renamed to just ‘Aspire’.


2016 Ford Aspire 630x324

Bold, dynamic and elegant exterior exudes sophistication, precision, and efficiency. Similar to many of the global Ford models under the One Ford philosophy, Aspire gets an Aston Martin styled hexagonal grille with horizontal chrome stats. The rest of the face of the car has lots of cuts and swept back headlamps. The overall proportions, unlike the most of the sedan compact vehicles, do not actually look weird. The tail section is cut short to fit the car in less than four meters and is enough to give the Aspire one of the better-looking tail sections in the segment. The thing with this car is that it delivers a premium design and styling, which you normally find in much more expensive vehicles.

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Ford Aspire 2016 Interior

Usual combination is black and beige- the dashboard is jet black contrasting the beige rest of the cabin. Aspire’s exceptional interior craftsmanship, comfortable first-in-class leather seats surround you with a sense of sophistication and also the commodity. It comes with spacious front and rear seats with adjustable headrests that offer ample support, so everyone can ride in comfort. The designers thought about everything so you get a storage bin with a coin holder and another with anti-skid mats for mobile phones. The long floor console and storage areas in the doors offer even more specialized compartments, whether you need to store a 500ml bottle, a takeaway coffee cup, or an umbrella. Not all is in bigger space, but also in smarter space. With Ford Aspire 2016, you have both.

Ford Aspire Interior 630x280


Like this car, in general, is adapted to fulfill the needs of the customer, under the hood is the same thing. More of what you want- less of what you don’t. Ford Aspire 2016 comes with two punchy engines, the new 1.2l Ti-VCT petrol, and 1.5l TDCi diesel, offering high-energy performance without compromising on fuel efficiency. There is the short notice about each model- petrol and diesel:

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1.2l Ti-VCT Petrol Engine
Aspire’s new 1.2l Ti-VCT petrol engine delivers a superior power of 88 PS (64.7kW) with an impressive fuel economy of 18.16 km/l* and reduced emissions. So you get the best of both worlds.
1.5l TDCi Diesel Engine
Engineered for economy and performance, the super-refined 1.5l TDCi diesel engine delivers best-in-class 100 PS (73.8kW) power and an impressive fuel economy of 25.83 km/l* to take you places with greater ease.

The powerful 1.5l Ti-VCT petrol engine is offered with 6-Speed PowerShift AT that delivers a massive power of 112 PS (82.3kW). The PowerShift AT uses a dual-clutch shifting system designed for smooth gear changes and superior fuel efficiency.

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Ford Aspire 2016 250x166
2016 Ford Aspire 250x166
Ford Aspire Interior 250x166

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